Pottet roses for patios and balconies

Royal delight

Even queens keep up with the times. Whereas roses used to be classic garden plants, they have become ever more trendy and are frequently used today to decorate plant boxes and planters. When planted at eye and nose level, these fantastic, often intensely fragrant flowers can be relished from up close and make for a very special atmosphere at sunset enjoyed on the balcony or patio on a mild summer evening.

Trendy: robust varieties
Roses are no longer the luxury creatures they were perceived to be for many decades. Intense breeding and specific crossings with old vigorous varieties have created a new generation that combines beauty with good health. The best example is roses that have been awarded the ADR merit, a merit based on performance testing of new varieties of roses in Germany. These extra vigorous roses are perfectly geared up to face the challenges associated with limited root space.

Important: a tall pot and high-quality growing medium
The queen of flowers demands a certain degree of comfort even in its mobile home. On the one hand, this refers to space requirements: containers for this deep-rooting flowering woody plant should at least be 40 cm in height. As regards length and width, the rule is the larger the rose, the larger the planter must be. Climbers need considerably more space than small rose bushes. Larger planters also have the benefit of reducing the frequency of watering.

Consumer tip: look out for the RAL quality mark
On the other hand, along with adequate space, the budget for the royal „robe“, in other words, supply of water and nutrients, must be reasonable because roses need a lot of energy to produce their beautiful flowers. As with all potted and tub plants, the substrate for planting chosen is the key factor to optimum water and nutrient uptake. In poor soil, even the most vigorous of roses will be reluctant to flower and susceptible to pests and diseases. For this reason, Gütegemeinschaft Substrate für Pflanzen e.V. (GGS) recommends that rose lovers use soil mixes carrying the RAL quality mark.
Quality-certified substrates are subject to strict quality requirements and meet all criteria for an optimal substrate for planting. They are loose enough to allow oxygen to reach the roots while at the same time having a stable structure. They have a favourable pH value and nutrient content, store water and nutrients in just the right amounts and make them readily available to the plants as needed. Also, they are free from weed seeds and plant-damaging substances. High-quality constituents and continuous quality assurance by approved independent labs safeguard optimum growing conditions and ensure the roses will enchant people with royal delight all season long.

For further information on quality assurance please visit: www.substrate-ev.org
A survey of all ADR roses, including a search feature, is available at: www.adr-rose.de

Growing media for tubs or soil mix for roses?
The smaller the available root space, the more important the fine tuning is. Basically, roses also do well in standard soil mixes for B&B plants, tubs or just regular planting media. However, if you want to give your roses a special treat, you may want to use a special soil mix for roses. It will usually have a slightly acidic pH value that is particularly favourable to roses and also contains a slow-release fertilizer that is perfectly designed for flowering plants.
However, the quality and composition of the constituents used is more important than what the soil mix is actually called. A high-quality soil mix for B&B plants is better than an inferior-quality soil mix for roses. That’s why the Gütegemeinschaft Substrate für Pflanzen e.V. recommends that you choose products that carry the RAL quality mark.

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