Substratausgangsstoffe - RAL Gütezeichen Substrate für Pflanzen

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Quality Parameters for Wood-Fibres (RAL-GZ 250/5-1)

Quality Parameters for Raised Bog Peat (RAL-GZ 250/5-2)

Quality Parameters for Coco Products (RAL-GZ 250/5-4)

Quality Parameters for Perlite (RAL-GZ 250/5-3)

Quality criteria – Growing media constituents

RAL-certified wood fibre, raised bog peat, coconut products and perlite

To be able to offer consistently high-quality growing media for commercial plant production and amateur gardening, it is vital to ensure that the constituents are uniform and suitable for plant production.

For this reason, RAL Quality Assurance was extended to include growing media constituents. Currently, there are quality marks for wood fibre, raised bog peat, coconut products and perlite, and more are in the pipeline.

Here the inforamtions of Growing media constituents: