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Grow, plant, grow …

Grow, plant, grow … It’s time to re-pot potted and patio plants Our energy levels rise as soon as the sun starts to come out again after what seems to some like endless winter, and plants are just the same. There are some indoor plants where you can virtually watch the vitality creep back into […]


How to make orchids thrive and blossom

How to make orchids thrive and blossom They are – and have been for many years – by far the most popular flowering indoor plants: potted orchids delight plant lovers again and again with their exotic blooms, bright colours and rich green leaves. Superstars such as the moth orchids (Phalaenopsis), have transformed the common perception […]


Still time in December to prepare your garden for the winter

Still time in December to prepare your garden for the winter Temperatures were generally quite mild in autumn, but not everybody had a chance to get their gardens ready for winter. With temperatures noticeably falling, it’s time now to get the job done! Perennials and some woody plants need to be cut back, and the […]


Bark mulch vs. mineral mulch

Bark mulch vs. mineral mulch Which material is used for what purpose? A trend that almost turned into a curse. Over recent years, front gardens all over the country were topped with thick layers of gravel or pebbles, creating monotonous plant graves with just an occasional ornamental grass showing itself. No trace of life anywhere. […]


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