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Plant care in summer

Less watering required with good planting media In summer, you can virtually watch your plants grow, whether in your home or on the balcony or patio. But the higher the temperatures rise and the intensity of the sunlight increases, the more of a chore it is carrying heavy watering cans around. Might be good for […]


Pottet roses for patios and balconies

Pottet roses for patios and balconies Royal delight Even queens keep up with the times. Whereas roses used to be classic garden plants, they have become ever more trendy and are frequently used today to decorate plant boxes and planters. When planted at eye and nose level, these fantastic, often intensely fragrant flowers can be […]


Potting soil for planters: sound support for long-term companions

Potting soil for planters: sound support for long-term companions A high-quality growing medium is the best recipe for healthy foliage and flowering plants Enter peace and quiet. The wide-open balcony door opens the view to flowering oleander bushes, elegant African lilies (Agapanthus) and bright vivid hibiscus flowers. The fresh scent of a Kaffir lime tree […]


Acidic soil for a smile

Soil mixes for rhododendrons and more Acidic soil for a smile Acidic soil – doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? Well, that’s just what rhododendrons, hydrangeas, heather, fuchsias and countless other ericaceous plants like best. These species all explicitly require an acidic soil environment to thrive. Most garden soils fail to meet this requirement, which […]


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