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“Soil studies” for gardeners

“Soil studies” for gardeners Planting success is all about the right growing medium. Find out how to choose the adequate soil mix. Tough choices in the garden centre There’s one for tomatoes and one for rhododendrons, one for soft fruit and one for herbs. The soil for citrus plants is on sale, but still more […]


Can expanded clay granules get mouldy?

If a white covering forms on the surface of expanded clay media, people sometimes assume this is mould. But what conditions would allow expanded clay granules to get mouldy in the first place? Normally, the powdery or fine crystalline white deposits that form on the surface of expanded clay media after some time are completely […]


Bark mulch vs. mineral mulch

Bark mulch vs. mineral mulch Great for the climate Which material is used for what purpose? A trend that almost turned into a curse. Over recent years, front gardens all over the country were topped with thick layers of gravel or pebbles, creating monotonous plant graves with just an occasional ornamental grass showing itself. No […]


Potting soil with an unpleasant smell

When opening a bag of potting mix for the first time, you may notice a strong smell. This smell is not indicative of poor quality! Many products, especially the growing number of peat-reduced and peat-free potting soils, contain organics of animal and/or plant origin, such as horn shavings, horn meal, or grain meal (a by-product […]


Mould and fungal growth in flower pots

A whitish or brownish covering on the soil in a flower pot can spoil the pleasure of even the most beautiful house-plant. These coverings are usually harmless, but how do they develop in the first place? Peat-free or peat-reduced potting soils consist of varying percentages of wood fibre, bark humus and green waste compost. These […]


Bark mulch: No need to worry about soil acidification

Bark mulch: No need to worry about soil acidification There is a stubborn rumour that bark mulch lowers the soil pH value. Many gardeners and horticulturists greatly appreciate the countless benefits bark mulch offers: It gives borders a uniform and neat look, keeps weeds down, holds the moisture in the ground, and prevents soil from […]


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