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Bark mulch vs. mineral mulch

Bark mulch vs. mineral mulch Which material is used for what purpose? A trend that almost turned into a curse. Over recent years, front gardens all over the country were topped with thick layers of gravel or pebbles, creating monotonous plant graves with just an occasional ornamental grass showing itself. No trace of life anywhere. […]


Plant care in summer

Less watering required with good planting media –  In summer, you can virtually watch your plants grow, whether in your home or on the balcony or patio. But the higher the temperatures rise and the intensity of the sunlight increases, the more of a chore it is carrying heavy watering cans around. Might be good […]


Fungus gnats in potting soils

Small insects can be an issue, especially in winter. Here’s an easy solution to the problem. Almost every plant lover has had to deal with black 1-5 mm large fungus gnats (Sciaridae) at one point in their lives. The flies are found especially in greenhouses and in the winter near pot plants. Adult fungus gnats […]


Potting soils containing organic fertilisers

Potting soils containing organic fertilisers Compost and other mixes are more and more attractive to consumers Producing shoots several metres long in some cases, lush foliage and an abundance of bright flowers – for weeks and months on end, ornamental and tub plants stage a performance that is no less than terrific. Where in the […]


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