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Compost – the gardener’s black gold

Compost – the gardener’s black gold It is fine-grained with a deep blackish brown colour and sends gardeners into rapture – compost. For centuries, the “black gold” has proven to be an excellent natural fertiliser and soil improver. Its abundance of positive properties makes it an important material in many planting substrates. The trend towards […]

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Retained samples – not a nuisance, in fact, valuable!

Retained samples – not a nuisance, in fact, valuable! Taking substrate samples, analysing them and finally storing them in a cool, dark and dry place – it might all sound at first like a lot of extra effort for no clear return. Nevertheless, these steps are important, especially for smaller nurseries who can’t absorb noticeable […]

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Bark mulch vs. mineral mulch

Bark mulch vs. mineral mulch Which material is used for what purpose? A trend that almost turned into a curse. Over recent years, front gardens all over the country were topped with thick layers of gravel or pebbles, creating monotonous plant graves with just an occasional ornamental grass showing itself. No trace of life anywhere. […]

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“Soil studies” for gardeners

“Soil studies” for gardeners Planting success is all about the right growing medium. Find out how to choose the adequate soil mix. Tough choices in the garden centre There’s one for tomatoes and one for rhododendrons, one for soft fruit and one for herbs. The soil for citrus plants is on sale, but still more […]

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