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Potting soils containing organic fertilisers

Potting soils containing organic fertilisers Compost and other mixes are more and more attractive to consumers Producing shoots several metres long in some cases, lush foliage and an abundance of bright flowers – for weeks and months on end, ornamental and tub plants stage a performance that is no less than terrific. Where in the […]

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Indoor plants appreciate high-quality substrates

Indoor plants appreciate high-quality substrates Indoor plants are more than just appealing home accessories. Kentia palms, spider plants, orchids …, the green roommates lend a cosy atmosphere even to spartanly furnished rooms and have been proven to improve the indoor climate by producing oxygen, increasing air humidity and, maybe most importantly, filtering dust and pollutants […]

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How to make orchids thrive and blossom

How to make orchids thrive and blossom They are – and have been for many years – by far the most popular flowering indoor plants: potted orchids delight plant lovers again and again with their exotic blooms, bright colours and rich green leaves. Superstars such as the moth orchids (Phalaenopsis), have transformed the common perception […]

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Graveside garden soil: velvet cover for the final resting place

A person’s grave has immense emotional significance. It is a memorial, a place of practiced remembrance and inner dialogue. Which is why most bereaved attach such importance to a dignified and well-groomed appearance of the graveside. They affectionally plant and maintain the graveside and many of them take great comfort in their regular visits to […]

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