RAL Gütezeichen Substrate für Pflanzen fördert das Vertrauen der Verbraucher

RAL quality mark – key also to consumer protection

The RAL ”Substrates for Plants“ quality mark enhances consumers’ trust based on

  • precise labelling
  • transparency
  • clear and measurable quality criteria
  • independent neutral inspection

RAL recommendations

Some of the properties good potting soils have are as follows:

  • balanced nutrient contents and low salinity levels to encourage the development of healthy and long-lived plants
  • an optimal pH level adjusted to the plants’ requirements
  • a good structure that ensures high water holding and drainage capacities to prevent the plants from dying from lack or excess of water, depending on water supply
  • substantial absence of weed and plant-damaging substances.

For natural protection: bark mulch

  • For ideal production, spread a layer, up to approximately 5 cm thick, of bark mulch over a weed-free surface.
  • Bark mulch is available in different particle sizes – fine, medium and coarse.
  • Fine bark mulch should be used for roses. It can be used for mounding up and then spread over the entire flower bed in spring.
  • Medium to coarse mulch should be used for trees and shrubs.

Source: www.ral-guetezeichen.de